Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders

Yesterday’s post about “The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders” was very well-received by some of the readers of this blog. Needless to say, this made me very happy and I kept thinking about the trailer. I even watched it again a couple of times marveling at how it captured the essence of a Wes Anderson film while managing to be extremely funny. It is like a film lover’s dream. The only drawback is that is not a feature film.

Doing some research about the short-film, I stumbled upon a very detailed technical making-of piece by the Director of Photography, Alex Buono. It is a very detailed account of the process, and it also contains a couple of interesting side stories about working with SNL.

In doing my research, I also found out that this team was the same team behind the short film “Djesus Uncrossed”, which you can watch below. “Djesus Uncrossed” tries to do to Tarantino, what “The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders” does to Wes Anderson. Although it has some equally brilliant moments, I think it feels more disconnected and does not reach the audacious execution of “The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders”.

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