Thursday, January 22, 2015

Objective views on film?

When I decided to revive my blog, I went back and read some of my previous posts. In doing so, I realized that some of the views I had a couple of years ago were not in line with the views I hold now. It was not only a question of having similar shades within the same general view, in some particular cases, my views were diametrically different.

I know people change over time, and my opinions and thoughts now are different from the ones I had five or ten years ago. Nevertheless, I had the misguided belief that somehow my views on film were more solid and stable than my whimsically prone thoughts. I do not mean that my thoughts are whimsical, but somehow I held my views on film to a higher standard.

This is something I should have known. I have seen clues in my experience as an audience. In my younger years I just to watch all the new releases at the theater rarely making an exception. Nowadays, I am a bit more selective in what I decide to watch, either at home or at the theater. I thought this was due to my lack of free time, and that certainly has something to do, but maybe the most important reason is that my views on film do change. I now know this.

Reading Scott Tobias’ piece “When once isn’t enough” at The Dissolve put into words some of these thoughts I was having.

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