Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Talking about zom-coms, Zombieland is as good as it gets. If it’s not the best zombie-comedy ever, at least it gives Shaun of the Dead a run for its money. Ever since I saw the first trailer I had high expectations for this movie and that is usually a bad thing. However in this case, there is no big disappointment; au contraire, mon amigos, Zombieland delivers in every way and for that is even sweeter.

Real Zombie connoisseurs made the movie and their love translates well to film. The characters are left to explore a big canvas, while in other zombie movies the characters are usually confined to a smaller location. This serves the story well by giving the creators greater latitude to avoid zombie clichés. This doesn’t mean the movie is free of clichés, but then again which movie isn’t?

While I usually love the scenes dealing with the zombie outbreaks, Zombieland only shows us snippets through flashbacks, but we do see some innocent victims getting ravished by hungry flesh-eating zombies. This, apart from the fact that I would’ve enjoyed seeing more zombies are the only minor issues I have against the movie.

On the other hand, it does address one of my main questions with zombie apocalypses, and for that I’m grateful. Why are there never any zombie celebrities? I won’t spoil the surprise but alas my question has been answered.

Zombieland is a universe I wish we could see more of. Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg, not to be mistaken with Michael Cera) has a list of rules he follows in order to stay alive, of which the movie only covers a few of them. The rest of the rules serve perfectly as excuses for sequels, not that any horror movie ever required such excuses. This movie, however, does seem like the perfect movie for a sequel, if there ever was one.

Put me down for two sequels of Zombieland!

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